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The British Army has a Civil Affairs Group, formed in 1997 and consisting primarily of Territorial Army personnel. Most personnel are members of the Royal Engineers and the group is administered by the Central Volunteer Headquarters Royal Engineers (CVHQ RE), based at Gibraltar Barracks. Members of the group have been deployed operationally in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania,Macedonia,East Timor,Sierra Leone, Afgahnaistan and Iraq.

The British Army first formed CA units in 1943 and by August 1944 there were 3,600 CA personnel in France with the 21st Army Group.


Joint CIMIC Group 

The Joint CIMIC Group (JCG) is a specialist Unit that manages the interface between military and civilian organisations wherever British Forces are deployed on Operations.

It functions across the whole spectrum of military operations: from warfighting to peacekeeping, emergency disaster relief and reconstruction.

In principle, the JCG ensures the military and civilian communities co-operate closely to attain maximum efficiency in achieving their aims.

The majority of the JCG are reservists who hold civilian jobs and whose skills can be utilised for civil-military liaison and specialist consultancy




The Joint CIMIC Group performs:

  • Detailed assessments of the civil environment in order to inform the military planning.
  • Briefing the military commander on the impact on the mission on the civil environment.
  • Raising appropriate awareness of the legal and moral obligations to the civilian population.
  • Liaising witht civilian authorities, international and national organisations and non-governmental organisations for the purposes of information exchange and mutual co-operation.
  • Supporting the regeneration of local infrastructure, economy and political structures through a variety of measures.







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